February 2009 - Photographer in Quebec city / Photographe à Québec / Photographer in Quebec city / Photographe à Québec

Francis Vachon Photographe

February 21, 2009

Julie Graff

Julie Graff
Julie Graff poses next to her municipal party website in Quebec City February 12, 2009. Started a “wiki” municipal political party with a novel approach – a party that has its principles and platform formulated on the Internet, Graff wants this Internet party to be ready to run a full slate for the 2013 election. Francis Vachon/THE GAZETTE
Technical: Canon EOS Mark III, 1/40 at f3.5 with a 24-70 at 52mm – ISO 320 + flash thru a grid on camera left, one direct flash behind the subject aiming at the hair

Alban D’Amour

Alban D’Amour
Alban d’Amours, ex-head of Caisse Desjardins, poses his house in Quebec City October 10, 2008. (THE GAZETTE/Francis Vachon)
Technical: Canon EOS Mark III, 1/160 at f9 with a 50mm prime lens – ISO 200 + flash thru a grid facing the subject, one flash thru an umbrella on the piano

February 19, 2009

Microstocks losing grounds? Not!

PhotoShelter‘s 2009 What Buyers Want survey gives some refreshing news to stock photographers. 550+ global photo buyers like Time, Business week, National Geographic, advertising firms book publishing (etc..) where asked about their image licensing need for 2009. 75% of them say their rights-managed licensing will increase or remain the same. And even better, 58% of buyers say they will decrease use of microstock.

Update: It turns out the number was a misprint. It should have said 22% instead of 58%.

February 18, 2009

Konrad Sioui, Grand Chef huron-wendat of Wendake Huron reserve

Konrad Sioui
Profile photo on Konrad Sioui, Grand Chef (great chief) huron-wendat of Wendake Huron reserve (also called “Village Huron) just north of Quebec city February 17, 2009.
Technical: Canon EOS Mark III, 1/300 at f8 with a 24-70 at 70mm – ISO 200 + off camera flash on a monopod on camera right.

This is not a portrait. I could not set up off camera lights on stands but I wanted a nice off-camera flash light. So I put a flash on a monopod and followed the new Grand Chief of Wendake during a visit by two provincial ministers, underexposing the scene by a stop so the flash would make Sioui pop.

Edward and Coeur de pirate meet, at last

We arrived before her show. One of her staff knocked at her door at The Capitole Theatre in Quebec City. When she opened it, a big question mark could be read on her face.

But when I said, “Hi, I’m Francis Vachon, and this is Edward”, Béatrice Martin, commonly known as Coeur de Pirate, put her hand over her face, totally surprised and emotional. “Oh my God, I’m going to cry!”

Having Béatrice and Edward meet was a very touching moment. Each time a band member or a road crew was passing by, she was telling him “hey look!, It’s THE baby!”

The funny thing is now those photos have an historical value. Edward DID helped in her starting career. If she pursue and become big, those photos will be in demand. So I’m sending them to CP image, and I’m pretty sure they will sell at some point.

Nous sommes arrivé avant le spectacle. Une personne de son équipe a cogné à la porte de sa loge au Capitole de Québec. Lorsqu’elle a ouvert la porte, nous pouvions tous voir le gros point d’interrogation sur son visage.

Mais lorsque j’ai dit « Bonjour, je suis Francis Vachon, et voici Edward », Béatrice Martin, plus connu sous son nom de scène de Cœur de Pirate, a mis ses mains sur son visage, surprise et incrédule. « Oh mon Dieu, je vais pleurer! »

Faire se rencontrer Edward et Béatrice fut un moment très touchant. Chaque fois qu’un de ses musiciens ou machiniste s’approchait, elle lui disait « regardes! C’est LE bébé »

Le côté rigolo est que ces photos ont maintenant une valeur historique. Edward a bel et bien aidé sa carrière débutante. Si elle poursuit et obtient un gros succès, ces photos pourraient bien être très en demande un jour. Alors je les envois à CP image, et je suis sûr qu’elles se vendront un jour.

Edward and Coeur de pirate meet

Edward and Coeur de pirate meet

Coeur de pirate in concert

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