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November 25, 2008

Quad roller skates

quad roller skates
Daniel Sénécal skates with old schools quad roller skates in the Parc Lafontaine Park in Montreal November 3, 2008
Technical: Canon EOS Mark III, 1/125 at f3,5 with a 24-70 at 64mm – ISO 200

Sun-Yat-Sen park in the Montreal China town

Sun Yat-zen park in Montreal
2 asian men chat on a bench in Sun-Yat-Sen park in the Montreal China town October 30, 2008.
Technical: Canon EOS Mark III, 1/250 at f4 with a 70-200 at 200mm – ISO 400

November 20, 2008

For sale: Canon EOS 20d & battery grip (SOLD!)


November 19, 2008

Mario Dumont in a mirror

ADQ leader Mario Dumont is reflected into a ceiling mirror as he speaks to journalists after meeting with UPA (union des producteurs agricoles – Farmer’s union) in a Quebec City hotel Tuesday November 18, 2008. (THE GAZETTE/Francis Vachon)
Technical: Canon EOS Mark III, 1/125 at f3.2 with a 24-70 at 45mm – ISO 3200

November 17, 2008

Stock sale

How would you like to have a person unknown to you before calling in to ask if he could send you a check in the hundreds? Sounds like the Nigerian scam? It might, but with a solid stock archive this will be true.

After Lance et Compte, Infoman and Air Farce, one of my photo will be used in a TV show. The Rick Mercer Report called me last week to inquire about one of my photos, and today they confirmed that it will be used in this week Tuesday show.

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